Mayan Herbalist

SUMMARY: Mayan Herbalist ( is a Cambridge-Massachusetts based stealth-startup.

OPPORTUNITY: Upon NDA, you'll be given a pitch of the confidential concept via scheduled screenshare / Skype demo. Co-Founders, Advisors, and Industry Executives will be asked to contribute $10k-50k to further develop "Mayan Herbalist" and its IP portfolio for a 10-50% co-founder / ownership stake. Please self-qualify yourself and inquire below if you are intriqued or have strategic industry interests.

OUR TEAM: Was started by a team of entrepreneurs in Cambridge Mass with extensive experience building high growth, profitable ventures including VC-backed businesses. Their passion for building great businesses has created an energy and enthusiasm that is infused throughout staff members & contractors onboard including marketing experts, web programmers, SEO gurus, travel experts, and cutting edge web engineers.

INCUBATOR: Mayan Herbalist was formed and incubated at The Market Accelerator - a startup incubator & technology accelerator based on Market Street in downtown Portsmouth, NH and MIT/ Kendall Square, Cambridge, Mass.
FOUNDER: Eric Melin: Entrepreneur, Investment Banker, SEO/SEM Expert, Technologist, Digital Media Exec & VP at VC-backed SaaS Ventures. Eric previous managed multi-million dollar budgets for 20+ Marriott Resorts & Properties as an Approved Vendor. Eric was employed by Federal Government via the US Small Business Administration as well as a FINRA/SiPC member Broker-Dealer in the Investments Industry.

AD AGENCY: Founder Eric Melin is also Founder/CEO of an Affiliated Internet Advertising Agency ( and was previously VP, Marketing of a related travel business and generated millions of website visitors per day primarily through in-bound search traffic (visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Multi-BILLION Dollars in Revenue is generated as result of these website visitors.

PRODUCT: Mayan Herbalist
Corporate: LLC, Trademarks & Corporate Docs
Industry: Travel & Leisure
Finance Stack: Privately Held. Seed funding via Founders
Hiring: Work-at-home Contracting Opportunities
Advisors: Equity compensation available
Investors: Future rounds to include outside investors
Venture Stage: Prototype Exists / MVP in-process.
Financials: No Revenue, No Debt.
Ask: 10-50% at 100k FMV.
Exit: Most likely Licencing or Strategic M&A Deal within 36 Months.


Mayan Herbalist has a strong team and the will to bring a new saas product to market. We need 50K in Seed Funding to complete our functional product "MVP" prototype for professional focus groups, test marketing and immediate expansion. Team Members, Advisors, Volunteers, and Angel Investors are welcomed to inquire for information.


Eric Melin, Inventor of "Mayan Herbalist"
+1-617-208-3005 phone
+1-617-208-2481 fax
Melin & Company, LLC
Cambridge, Mass